About Us


Your Little Joy Shop is a creation of Meraki Creative Agency; a Fayetteville, NC based design team that dedicates their days to bringing joy and color to their surrounding areas. Between art installations and balloon garlands, they design for all

Karoll Echeverri Kuri

Founder and Lead Designer

F​ind the Joy. In all. That has been my pursuit since I began my Doctoral program. I fully immersed myself in color and urban design which ​created the direction of our Agency.  As the Founder, I strive to give direction and meaning to everything that we do, by connecting our surroundings with emotions and with the little things that bring joy everyday. I aim to evoke joy, and bring celebration. My work radiates happiness and is rooted in striking urban structural design, each enhancing a space to fully come alive. We are always thinking outside the box, and never underestimate the value of great communication. Most importantly, we have fun. From painting random alleys, hanging Umbrellas in a forgotten alley, or creating a patriotic umbrella installation at the ASOM, we try to connect the mundane with colorful installations.